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Over 50 years of laparoscopic operating experience has taught us one thing -

Simple is Better.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Our Health Mission

Patient care is a never-ending struggle to improve current and past innovations to ENHANCE clinical outcomes. C-Clear, LLC was formed to create operating innovations. Every day thousands of patients are treated by surgeons and staff to provide excellent outcomes. C-Clear, LLC is in the business of making the procedure a better experience for the surgeon and staff to enhance patient outcomes.

Our Experience

Through the efforts of our manufacturing and medical team, a product was developed and delivered to the operating room. We introduce a patent pending intra-abdominal lens cleaner. The only device to accomplish:


  • Port Cleaning with two Baton foam sizes for various ports.

  • Lens Cleaning without taking the scope out of the body cavity. 


C-Clear LLC is comprised of two surgeons and two businessmen from the medical device world, with a combined experience of over 100 years. The benefit of having two advanced surgeons on board provides us with an understanding of what takes place in the OR on a daily basis. This team is able to create a working environment with innovative products to improve patient outcomes. Finally, our manufacturing and FDA team has over 25 years of experience with regards to creating and manufacturing medical devices.

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