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The only intra-abdominal lens cleaning product

The C-Clear Baton lens cleaner is a standalone product that can be applied to traditional and robotic cases. The C-Clear Baton cleans a minimally invasive camera lens without removing the scope from the body cavity. Since the scope is left in the body cavity, the surgeon does not need to reorient the operative field or replace instruments every time the lens is cleaned.

The table below shows the cost of keeping the scope clean during traditional laparoscopic procedures when the scope is removed from the body cavity. Mean times were accrued from a laparoscopic surgeon with over 20 years of surgical experience. Each time the laparoscope is removed, the lens is cleaned followed by cleaning the port and then the procedure resumes.

The duration of the removal, cleaning, and resumption of the procedure can vary depending on the complexity of the case and degree of lens clarity. Overall, the duration of time for each removal of the laparoscope ranges from 42.6-87.0 sec with a mean time of 61.1 seconds. From a robotic standpoint, the time to de- dock the robotic camera is longer and the operative cost would be higher. Based on the recent data from Key Surgical, a Steris subsidiary, (Lemmons, Industry News, 2020), one minute of operative time is equal to $62.

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 7.42.32 PM.png

The Baton decreases the time to clean the lens and does not need the laparoscope to exit the operative field (the abdomen or chest).  Since the scope is still in the abdomen, the surgeon can maintain surgical orientation. The average time for lens cleaning using a C-Clear Baton is typically less than 20 seconds. This cuts the cost of cleaning the scope by 2/3rds. 

There is no need for a scope warmer. In addition to the clinical advantages and cost savings in operative time, the overall cost of the Baton is approximately $30-40 dollars less expensive than other scope cleaning products. The C-Clear system can be used in general, bariatric, and robot assisted laparoscopic procedures.

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