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Simple is Better

The only intra-abdominal lens cleaning product.

The C-Clear Baton lens cleaner is a standalone product that can be applied to laparoscopic and robotic cases.

The C-Clear Baton cleans a minimally invasive camera lens without removing the scope from the body cavity.

Since the scope is left in the body cavity, the surgeon does not need to reorient the operative field every time the lens is cleaned.

No need for expensive and inefficient lens cleaning products. Simple is Better. See for yourself.

Decrease OR Time, Increase OR Productivity

The Baton decreases the time to clean the lens and does not need the scope to exit the operative field (the abdomen or chest) which allows the surgeon to maintain orientation. The average time for lens cleaning using a C-Clear Baton is less than 20 seconds. This cuts the cost of cleaning the scope by 2/3rds. Check out all the benefits  

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Developed by Surgeons for Surgeons

Over 50 years of laparoscopic operating experience has taught us one thing - Simple is Better. Learn more about us →

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